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cult_of_kozi's Journal

Cult of Kozi
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About Közi

Közi (コウジ, Közi?) (Pronounced "Koji") is a Japanese visual kei artist who plays guitar, piano, keyboard and synthesizer. Közi is most famous for his time in the largely popular visual kei band Malice Mizer. Currently Közi is playing in industrial rock act Eve of Destiny, as well as continuing his own solo project.

Közi's career began at the end of the 1980s in two bands, Girl'e and Beyond The Reinsight. Information about these bands is very scarce. In 1991 he joined Matenrou (also known as Matenrow) with future Malice Mizer member Mana and released two demo tapes. Mana and Közi left Matenrou after deciding they both had similar ideas about creating music. They formed Malice Mizer in 1992. After Malice Mizer disbanded in 2001, Közi joined Haruhiko Ash and created Eve of Destiny, an industrial rock band that toured outside of Japan, performing at various festivals in Europe.

In 2002, Közi collaborated with Japanese author Minako for the book Izayoi No Tsuki (十六夜の月), which Közi provided the eerie soundtrack for. He then performed a special singing event in Japan which cemented the fact that he was following a solo career. Közi's first solo release was the double-disc, double-single package KHAOS/KINEMA, which included the memorable "Promenade". The track was re-released several months later on his debut album Catharsis (カタルシス). Közi's MEMENTO single is dedicated to the late Malice Mizer drummer Kami (drummer).

During his time in Malice Mizer, Közi often assumed the role of a pierrot doll, dressing in clown-like costumes with large ruffs, always in shades of red, his favourite color. In music videos and on-stage he would often make movements reminiscent of a marionette (string puppet). Közi has continued this visual style to some extent, but his contemporary stage costumes are more gothic. His work on the Izayoi No Tsuki project was reminiscent of carnival music, and artwork for his projects usually follow a dramatic, theatrical theme. Details about his private life are sketchy. Due to lyrical and visual content in his work, it is generally assumed that he is interested in sado-masochism and has an eyeball fetish, a source of continual amusement to his fans.


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