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Kozi's new band?

According to Shattered- Tranquility and the new OHP that has emerged, Kozi has formed a new band!

It seems that there is a new band called XA-VAT, which according to many sources has a following line-up:

Vocal: 石井秀二 (Ishii Shuuji) || ex. さくらん → フロート (Float) → cali≠gari → goatbed
Guitar: Közi || ex. Girl → 摩天楼 (Matenrou) → MALICE MIZER → Eve of Destiny, Solo → DALLE
???: Sadie Pink Galaxy || ex. JUBILEE → SPEECIES

There aren’t any details yet, but I hope there will appear more information soon! The link itself appeared on goatbed’s MySpace.

There is supposed to be a oneman live as well, which is supposed to take place on December 2nd at LIQUIDROOM Ebisu.

Please note that none of this information is 100% confirmed, but I thought I should post nevertheless, since some of you might be interested in what Kozi is up to.

Link to OHP --->

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